History of Spudnik

SPUDNIK is founded by brothers Carl and Leo Hobbs who develop the first Scooper.
The company successfully introduces the swinging boom Piler for loading potatoes into storage.
Moves to Blackfoot, Idaho, in a rented office downtown.

Sizing and cleaning equipment is developed to meet the growing needs in the industry.
A new building is purchased which would be home to the company until 2003.

The first sales and service center is opened in Burley, Idaho.
Outside conveyors are developed based on a need to keep trucks out of the storages.
A second sales and service center is opened in Warden, Washington.
The network of company stores is increased by adding a new location in Hermiston, Oregon.
The self-unloading truck bed was introduced after purchasing the patent for the Eagle Bulk Bed design from Leonard Eiseman of Boise, ID.
The first 2 row harvester is built for customers in Japan.
SPUDNIK is again taking a leading role in the industry by implementing 3-D CAD.

The company is the first manufacturer of potato equipment in North America utilizing this technology.
Introduction of a companywide Enterprise Resource Planning system with online connections to the company stores.
Ground is broken for a new 60,000 square foot facility for field equipment production west of town on Pioneer Road, on a 60 acre parcel of ground.
The new field equipment line including 2-, 3- and 4-row harvesters as well as 4-row Windrowers.

Within three years SPUDNIK will become the market leader for field equipment in North America.
SPUDNIK enters the planter market.

The company offers a range of 4, 6, and 8-row planters.

By developing a cup planter SPUDNIK follows an obvious market trend that clearly indicates declining demand for pick planters.
Spudnik enters into a joint partnership with Grimme Agricultural Equipment Company to combine resources in developing equipment.

Extensive market expansion to the eastern United States and Canada by adding a number of new dealerships in this area.

Introduction of superior cleaning technology for field equipment as well as stationary units by adding the patented Multi-Sep separator, the RollaStar as well as the all new M-Table to the wide range of options.
Grand opening of a new 52,500 square foot fabrication facility on Pioneer Road.

Introduction of laser technology as well as state-of-the-art bending machinery and new paint equipment to the manufacturing process.

The new facility is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in the agricultural equipment market.
Construction of a new 14,400 square foot office facility on Pioneer Road is completed.

After several years of construction and planning all departments move to the completed facility on Pioneer Road in Blackfoot, Idaho.

Spudnik becomes a member of the Grimme Group of companies and is owned entirely by Grimme.

At this point SPUDNIK employs around 220 people and is by far the largest manufacturer of potato equipment in North America.
The market introduction of the 6140 series Windrower, this machine offers the highest performance characteristics of any Windrowers on the market.

Due to changing market requirements, SPUDNIK launches the 780 Piler series which are able to handle large volumes in excess of 460 t/h and are the most powerful and versatile Pilers ever built.

The next generation of SPUDNIK\'s successful 6000 series harvesters hit the spud fields and are known in the industry for the lowest drops and less bruising.
The Warden, WA and Hermiston, OR locations are closed and consolidated to a new location in Pasco, WA.

A new location in Presque Isle, ME is opened giving SPUDNIK a sales and service location for the east coast.
A new sales and service facility in Grafton, ND is opened to meet the needs of customers in that region.

A smaller more compact Piler is introduced to meet the needs of customers in the eastern United States.
The assembly area at the Blackfoot plant is enlarged with the addition of 12,000 square feet and a loading area is built to improve the safety and speed of loading equipment on trucks and in containers.

The model 5640 4 Row Harvester is redesigned and re-introduced to the market place.
Spudnik celebrates its 50th anniversary and introduces the first 6 row Windrower, Model 6160 to the industry.
Outside inventory storage is upgraded with the addition of the roof extension to better protect from the elements.

Investment in the machining capability of SPUDNIK with a new Mazak CNC Mill and Lathe are completed.
Aging equipment in fabrication is replaced with two new vertical Marvel band saws and a new Trumph 3060 laser cutter with a 20\' cutting table.

Two new models are added to the equipment offering, the model 880 Piler the first 48" Piler in the industry, and the model 1860 Even Flow Bin with a 60" elevator and 42" discharge belt width.

Both these machines meet the growing need for more capacity by our customers.

SPUDNIK enters a new age of high tech controllers with the CCI controller used to operate the Planters and Harvesters via a touch screen graphical interface.
Additional 17,500 square feet of manufacturing space is added to house belted chain assembly and storage of belted chain components out of the weather.

The paint booth equipment is updated to comply with current EPA requirements.
A new Planter model 8560 Hill Pro is introduced with a first of its kind tipping hopper to reduce skips and doubles when planting in hilly conditions.
The new Crop Cart is introduced to be used in potatoes and sugar beets both in the fall and in the spring loading planters.

The Crop Cart has tremendous potential to be used year round in multiple crops.
Grain handling for the Crop Cart is refined and the machine starts realizing its full potential.